Saturday, February 5, 2011

Days 2-5: Cake Walk

I know you've all been anxiously awaiting a new blog post these past few days. Allow me to offer my deepest sympathies for those of you checking back three, four, even five times a day looking for riveting updates on my progress to consume nothing but pizza for the entire month of February. Well, your prayers have been answered, and I will do my best to continue blogging regularly... y'know, for the fans.

Sidebar: Be sure to follow @nick_dimi on Twitter for more frequent updates including foursquare check-ins and Foodspotting photos throughout the day. Also, try to calm down a bit if you're actually considering doing any of that.

As for these past few days, they have been an absolute breeze, and as I proved during the original Super Slice Me Challenge--eating pizza for a week is a proverbial cake walk.

I know the readers of this blog are exceptionally intelligent and can clearly tell the above photo is NOT two plain slices of pizza. Can't get anything by you guys. Today I utilized the first of my meals with toppings. I got a chicken parmesan slice, accompanied by a beautiful plain guy from a quaint little place in North Brunswick called Napoli's. The pizza is apparently wood-fired--I couldn't taste the difference. Sorry, Mr. Napoli.

Just a quick observation looking back on the first five days of the challenge: not having to only drink water is an absolute godsend. Don't let Ron Burgundy tell you otherwise--milk is always a good choice.

For tomorrow, I will definitely be using one of my four cheat meals, barring a spread that warrants it at the Super Bowl gathering I will be attending. I plan to eat myself into a chicken wing coma by halftime.

Random observation: It's prettttttttty, prettttttttty, prettttttttty interesting explaining to a new client, whom you're meeting for the first time, all about why you can't order lunch from the deli like everybody else during your first meeting together.


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