Friday, January 29, 2010

A New Challenge Has Been Proposed

Just left he challenger's office. He went through his daily questions about what's on the menu for lunch (like it's not pizza), how I'm doing, etc. I mentioned how the pizza wasn't the problem, that the water has been the most difficult part.

He then propositioned me to eat only plain pizza for a full month, with any beverages I want. I asked to be able to add toppings to the pizza, to ensure that I don't go a full month with minimal protein intake. What was decided upon was two "free meals" for the month, where I am able to eat anything I wanted.

The first week would count towards the month, so I'd only need to do three additional weeks.

I am intrigued and am seriously considering it because I do think I could eat pizza for a month, so long as I have my choice of beverage.

Any thoughts? Should I ask for more (toppings, cash price, etc.)?


  1. Is that your face on the pizza box?

  2. ask for a prize!! and definitely the ability to add toppings chicken parm!!!! you do need your protein :o)